We always dream of having that picture-perfect kind of closet as seen in the movies. Clothes hung out symmetrically and every item kept in the perfect spot.

How do they manage to do so?

We are here to help you out with this. After reading this article you will be able to keep your closet well organized as well. All you have to do is follow the simple ways mentioned below to declutter the mess in your wardrobe.

Here is the list of 8 things that you should follow the very next time you are decluttering your closet:

Empty it:

The very first step to clean that cluttered stuff inside your wardrobe is to take EVERYTHING out. Take out everything you own and lay it down on your bed or floor. I know it sounds difficult but the results will be well worth it. This very first step will not only be the stepping stone in clearing the closet but you will also get to know about the things you own, many of which may not make it back into the closet, creating more space and less clutter.

Categorize your things:

Once you are done taking everything out, now comes the planning part. Make a proper section for each item so that the closet remains organized. Make separate space for shoes, accessories, clothes, etc. Keep like items with like ones. Store all your accessories in the same spot, hang your dresses alongside each other. It’s time to get creative with your organizing skills.

Use Hangers:

It’s a must. Hangers take up less space than folded clothes on shelves and save time folding laundry. Delicate items like dresses, skirts, and fancy items like suits are best stored on hangers. They also take less space compared to folding and you can gain extra space for other items. Also, using a hanger saves time and makes it easier for us to choose our clothes.

Time to manage the messy Drawers:

How can we forget those messy drawers from which it takes ages to find a single accessory or a pair of matching socks? Clearing this kind of mess the right way by investing in things like drawer organizers or drawer dividers. You can easily use these tools to store things like undergarments and socks or things like makeup accessories. No matter how full your drawer is, Drawer Dividers and Organizers will make it look neat and beautiful!

Buy shelf-dividers:

Whenever you open your closet, you always encounter an unpleasant surprise. The clothes you’ve worked so hard to arrange yesterday are now lopsided and in chaotic disarray. Shelf dividers are a must-have for any home and can store many items on less shelves. Partitioning allows you to sort and shuffle your clothes quickly without ruining the rest of your valuables. You can also stack your clothes and towels without worry and arrange them by color for quicker view and easier access.

Seasonals only:

If you want your closet not to look like a mess, then keep the seasonal essentials only in reach. Rotate the clothes you have according to seasons. Switching out blouses and bottoms according to the time of year – bringing them to the front of the shelf or drawer for easy grabbing will make it easier to manage and keep a check on the closet.

Regular management:

No need to worry, we are not telling you to manage and clean your wardrobe daily. All you need to do is just keep a check on things on a weekly or laundry day basis. Cleaning a huge clutter of things is more difficult than the small ones so don’t neglect the closet during your cleaning regimen. A quick sweep and dusting will work wonders in the long run.

Take extra out:

We know how hard it is to discard your clothes, but if you want to declutter your clothes, then you have to make this choice. Only keep those items which fit you. If it doesn’t suit your body, say your goodbyes and take it out of the closet! But if you want to keep a few things, then use a stackable basket to help organize.

Now, flaunt your clothes, shoes and accessories in a way that will have every friend, family member, and neighbor in awe.

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