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Keep Them Neat, Visible, & Within Reach

Feel a sense of accomplishment with each closet you declutter! Our product is designed to organize shelves, create divisions, keep items upright and accessible, etc. 

Store as many items on the shelf. One thing's for sure: No matter what material your cabinets are built with, our Acrylic Shelf Dividers will give it a beautiful clean design! 

  • Installs In Seconds
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Multiple Purpose Organization

  • Perfect for most types of surfaces (wood, plastic, glass, marble, and more!)

Questions? Find them here!

What's the product dimensions?

Small Shelf Dividers: 8" (tall) x 11" (deep)

Large Shelf Dividers: 11" (tall) x 11" (deep)

What is the thickness of the acrylic?

Each divider is approximately 1/8” thick; the base is approximately 1/4" thick. 

How do you remove the dividers?

Grasp the top edge of the divider and tilt it to the side until the adhesive begins to come away from the shelf. Don't worry, the Nano tape will remain on the unit. Wipe the Nano tape with a wet, lint-free cloth (not a paper towel) and air dry for 10 minutes. Please do not touch the tape and avoid dirt from coming in contact to it. 

Will the adhesive damage the surface of my shelf?

No it will not! Our Nano tape is pretty cool. It's specially designed to not leave any residue when removed.

Are these reusable?

Yes they are! Just avoid touching or getting the tape dirty. Just clean the new area with alcohol and lint-free rag, allow to completely air dry for about 10 minutes, and then press the divider into the new location. That easy! 

How long does delivery take?

We're just as excited to send our product to you. We usually ship out orders as soon as possible. However, please allow us up to 14 business days to get your item(s) delivered. You can also track your package via this link. We appreciate your patience!       

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