Battery Organizer & Tester
  • An easy solution to sorting the declutter drawer with a battery organizer storage case and tester.

  • Removable battery checker to check the battery life.
  • Perfect for all types of batteries such as 54 AA, 36 AAA, 5 9Volt, 5 C, 4 D & 9 watch batteries.

  • Can hold up to 114 batteries of various sizes.
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Keep Them Neat, Visible, & Within Reach

Feel that sense of pride every time you put on a working battery in one go! Our product is designed to declutter drawers and closets, help you get rid of dead batteries, make batteries easy to find, etc. 

Gather all batteries around the house! One thing's for sure: No matter how many batteries you have, our Battery Tester & Organizer will keep them organized and let you know if they're working! 

  • Holds up to 114 batteries
  • Removable Battery Tester
  • Can be wall-mounted

  • Stores AA, AAA, 9V, C, D, 

    & Button Cell Batteries

Questions? Find them here!

What's the product dimensions?

Our battery rack measures 11" (Tall) x 5.75" (Wide) x 1" (Deep) without the batteries

How do I wall mount the rack?

1. Mark the desired spot on the wall using a pencil

2. Pre-drill the wall and install the wall anchors

3. Attach the Battery Rack on the wall and tighten the screws

Note: DO NOT overly tighten the screws. 2 holes are located in the top row of AAA battery slot & 1 hole is on the bottom C battery slot. 

Won't the batteries fall out when mounted?

No they won't! Our battery rack is designed with a slight incline to prevent the batteries from falling when hung vertically on a wall or door. 

How do I use the battery tester?

You can dismount the tester from the battery rack for convenience. For AAA, AA, C, D, and Button Cell Batteries, lift the arm of the tester and make sure the bottom (-) of the battery tester is touching the lower contact while the top (+) touches the contact in the swing arm.  

How long does delivery take?

We're just as excited to send our product to you. We usually ship out orders as soon as possible. However, please allow us up to 14 business days to get your item(s) delivered. You can also track your package via this link. We appreciate your patience! 

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