Heavy Duty Legs for Bed, Tables, Chair - Furniture Risers & Lifter
  • Increases furniture height

  • Increases hidden storage spaces

  • Easily get in and out of beds, chairs, etc.
  • Prevents joint pains, mobility issues, etc.

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Convenient, Comfortable, & Spacious!

Lounge anywhere without worrying about joint pains! Our riser set is designed to make furniture easily accessible, bring charging ports closer, create additional storage space, etc. 

Install our riser set on just about any furniture. One thing's for sure: Beds and couches would be more comfortable, charging is more convenient, and rooms would look cleaner! 

  • Adds 8 inches in height
  • 2 built-in electrical outlets
  • 2 fast-charging USB ports

  • Supports up to 1,400 lbs

Questions? Find them here!

What's the product dimensions?

The base of our Bed Risers measures 8" (Height) x 6.5" (Width). It can fit furniture legs that are up to 3" x 3"

How long is the power cord?

The built-in power cord is 6 feet long.

What are the materials used?

The Bed Risers are made of Polypropylene Plastic.

Are they safe?

Yes! The electrical plugs and power cord are approved by ETL. Both ETL and UL test electrical devices to UL standards so ETL approval meets UL standards as well.

How long does delivery take?

We're just as excited to send our product to you. We usually ship out orders as soon as possible. However, please allow us up to 14 business days to get your item(s) delivered. You can also track your package via this link. We appreciate your patience!     

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