Under Sink Shelf for Bathroom/Kitchen - Expandable Cabinet Storage
  • Triples storage space

  • Declutters sink base cabinets

  • Easily find and access items

  • Prevents pest infestation, rotting, etc.

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Keep Them Neat, Visible, & Within Reach

Feel that sense of accomplishment every time you open an organized cabinet! Our product is designed to declutter sink base cabinets, countertops, vanity desks, etc. 

Stack and expand however you like. One thing's for sure: No matter what size restrictions you have in your cabinets, our Under Sink Organizer will fit just right! 

  • Assembles In Seconds
  • Expandable Length up to 26"
  • 5 Adjustable Height Levels

  • Multi-purpose & Stackable

Questions? Find them here!

What's the product dimensions?

Our Under Sink Organizer measures 15.5" (Height) x 12" (Depth) x 15" - 26" (Width)

What's the load-bearing capacity?

Each slat is designed to support up to 12 lbs. However, to maintain its form, we recommend a maximum of 10 lbs per slat, especially when the product is fully extended. 

What are the materials used?

The shelves and vertical sides are made of plastic while the rods are made of epoxy powder-coated metal. This makes our product rustproof and adjustable to fit your need. 

How long does delivery take?

We're just as excited to send our product to you. We usually ship out orders as soon as possible. However, please allow us up to 14 business days to get your item(s) delivered. You can also track your package via this link. We appreciate your patience!   

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