Standard Commission Structure

A standard commission is fixed according to the sales driven by your affiliate links following is the commission data:

  • 5% Commission for sales between 4-8
  • 10% Commission for the sales between 8-12
  • 15% and more Commission for the sales above 15

Affiliate Payout Schedule

Referrals will become eligible for payout at the end of the next calendar month if it meets all of these criteria:

  • The referrals purchase products on
  • The referrals have not had any payments refunded, charged back or otherwise reversed.
  • The amount of referral commissions in the Affiliate’s account is equal to or greater than $25 USD

Balances will be carried forward into the next month for a maximum of 6 months if $25 USD is not met. After 6 calendar months of not meeting the $25 USD minimum requirement for payout, the Affiliate forfeits all commissions and the payout balance will return to $0 USD.

All Affiliate Fee payments will be payable in United States Dollars only, except as otherwise determined by Bee Neat in its sole discretion. Payment will be made through PayPal.

In the event of any activity deemed suspicious by, Bee Neat may delay the payment of Affiliate Fees by up to 3 calendar months to verify the relevant transactions. Bee Neat reserves the right to recalculate, void, or disqualify any referrals or Affiliate Fees in the event of any fraudulent, deceptive or otherwise illegal activity.

Please Note: Referrals for purchases made through promotional or special offers are not eligible for payout.

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